Consumer Price Index: Hello, Ms. January

With feverish paws, we unsheathed the latest Consumer Price Index report (C.P.I.), released this morning, from its brown package. Flipping quickly to the middle our eyes roamed over Ms. January C.P.I.’s rising crests of .8%.

Bloomberg forecast only .3%. Ha! What does that punter know.

In the closeup section we saw food and energy rose sharply last month, like our vocal octave upon seeing Secretary of Labor, Elaine L. Chao (pictured, swoon!), while the rest of the basket rose more gently.

But what’s in Ms. January’s future? Turn-ons, offs? Information was scarce but we found that while not indicative of inflation, some analysts, according to the New York Times, think the Fed will still raise interest rates a touch more to throttle economic growth.

Party poopers.

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