What Cleans Cats Better, Front or Top-Load Washers?

“We’ve heard of people inviting their friends over to see their new washer and dryer. Who would have ever thought of that happening?” says Steven Peterson, General Electric’s marketing manager for clothes care.

For those whom sleek styling isn
t the only selling point, which washer is best for washing your cat? Big chunky chart after the jump.

Which washer you buy depends on your needs, budget and whether you cravenly covet the approval of others through your home appliances. Here’s a handy comparison shopping chart.



Large capacity, up to 4 cubic feet or 20 pounds.

Removes more water from clothes, requiring less drying time.

Gentler on clothing.

Uses less water and electricity, costing less to run.

Dryer can be stacked on top to save space.


Great if whoever does your wash has a nice butt.


Costs more, typically $800 to $1,800.

Pulling clothes out can be hard on the back. Pedestals sold to raise them cost extra, about $150 each.

Requires special detergent.

Longer cycles, up to two hours.

Harder to get a cat inside.


No-Agitator Top-Loaders


More room for bulky items such as comforters and pillows.

Uses less water and electricity than conventional top-loads.

Removes more water, cutting drying time.

Fits 25% more blood-stained sheets.


More expensive.

Fewer brands and models.

Reliability of some new technologies not established.

Might wrinkle clothes.

Might require special detergent.

Self-flagellators may miss having an agitator.

Conventional Top-Loaders


Costs less initially, $300-$600.

Proven reliability.

More models available.

Uses regular detergent.

Shortest cycles.

Easier to get a cat into.


Smaller capacity, 12 to 16 pounds.

Uses more water and electricity, costing more to operate.

Cannot be stacked.

Generally noisier.

None of your friends are going to come over for a “check out my conventional top-loader” party.

Check out the source article from for more, including Consumer Report’s top rankings for individual models. Also, a few things to think ahead about when buying a washer. You don’t want to get stuck with more washing capability than you have cats for.

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