Life 360: Twirl Around And Head Away From Christ!

Our pale blue brethren over at Kotaku, raspily wheezing through collapsed rib cages, have called our attention to this fascinating Christian rip-off of the X-Box 360 logo, happily plagiarized by a local church.

The 360 labeling was pretty bizarre even before it was stapled to the Christian faith. In case you don’t follow the cut of our gyst, stand up. Whirl around in a three hundred and sixty degree rotation. Notice that you are headed in the exact same direction you were headed before. While this directive may simply be nonsensical for a video game console, it has entirely different ramifications as a Christian message. Presumably, Christians don’t want pederasts and the morally slothful to do a 360, then continue to charge debauchery first in the exact same direction they were previously headed. What they want them to be doing is a 180, right into the open arms of Christ.

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