Staples “That Was Easy” Actually is Easy

In a complete break of character, we present a short tale of a shoddy chair, a friendly Staples customer service representative and a no-hassle return policy faithfully executed. Shangri-la and the groove of one man’s beautiful behind, after the jump.

Cap writes,

Back in January I received a new chair as a Christmas gift. For a short period of time, my butt was in heaven – it was one happy camper.

Now I
m not a heavy person, but within a one month period, the seat cushion has somehow magically disappeared. Evaporated, per se. The only thing left behind is the groove of my beautiful behind.

Needless to say, when it comes to the welfare of my butt, I take immediate and prompt action! So, a few days later I called the customer service included with the warranty card, and told them my woes.

The CSR asked for the model number, my name and address.

Okay sir, we
ll be sending you a new seat cushion. You
ll receive it in about 7 to 10 business days.

Uh, okay. Thanks!

That was easy.

No proof of order, silly red tape, or transferring of calls. I
m pleasantly surprised and confused.

Being the pessistimic person that I am, I now believed that I have been tricked and that the CSR was only pretend to be typing down my information.

Guess I
ll find out in 7-10 business days.

We could be snarky and say let’s see if the seat doesn’t get pulled out from him in a week, but you know what? We have a feeling this one’s going to be alright.


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