Micro Kvetch: ‘Best of’ Roundup

On Monday we offered up Bill Green
s stellar mini-kvetch
and asked you to chime in. Here
s the week’s best:

To any and all current and future Gap employees…or anybody, really – Do not refer to me as “chief” when ringing up my knit cap. Or ever. –Clampants

Word. Don’t let the knit cap fool you, we are people, not chiefs.

Ringtones: they want me to spend $3.99 for 20 seconds of a song I can buy in full for $0.99 on iTunes (I pipe directly into my phone’s filesystem and make my own ringers because I’m a dork, but still, that the reality even exists is deeply troubling.) –Danilo

You simultaneously frighten and impress us with your phreaking skills.

Dunkin Donuts: Please don’t just offer me your old choices of regular coffee or chemically enhanced versions of “hazelnut” or “vanilla” coffee. I would much prefer nine different but equally disgusting flavors which are extruded by a machine as a thick syrup into a regular cup of coffee. That would be just swell.

Two sugars, splash of milk. Greaaaaat. –rikomatic

The idea of making it before your eyes might be better suited for eateries making something healthy. Sometimes we
d rather keep the magic alive and not know.

Add next week’s micro kvetch’s here or on the tips line and your acrimony could get front page billing.

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