Fresh Direct Intros Fresh Dining, the Upscale TV Dinner

Lazy New Yorkers will hearten to hear that everyone
s favorite way of avoiding interacting with people poorer than you, the Fresh Direct food delivery service, has introduced Fresh Dining.

s Fresh Dining Chicken Teriyaki, Fresh Dining Provencal Tilapia and Fresh Dining Dill-Lemon Salmon, and more, a veritable cornucopia to delight your monocled sloth palate.

Like its forerunner, Fresh Dining delivers to Manhattan and the surrounding urbopolis. There’s a $40 minimum order and a delivery fee of $4.95 that increases as you spiral outwards from the emerald city.

We’re holding out for Fresh Feeding where the immigrant workers will actually airplane shrimp marinara into our waiting maw.

[via aptbroadcast]

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