Employees Are Customers, Too

It’s often true that employees quit their bosses (rather than their companies), but all of them doing so at once is a rare and beautiful occasion. Four employees of Blenz Coffee in Vancouver went the extra mile, walking out mid-shift and taping a note on the door:

We’ve all had our share of incompetent nincompoops lording over us, so to Jorge, Paisley, Stewart, and Hyun, thank you. And Scott, man, don’t be such a dick!

Mutiny at the Cafe [Beyond Robson via Church of the Customer]


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  1. Papercutninja says:

    How fantastic is this?! I mean we call all relate, everyone has had a boss that EVERYONE hated. This is the coolest thing.

  2. christy says:

    Everyone’s missing the best part of this post: an actual human being named “Paisley.”

  3. Tonya says:

    Way to go, Scott! Being competely humilated by your employees on the Internet: Priceless.

    I’d love to hear his side.

  4. Kishi says:

    Hell, I’m tempted to do that to my current boss.

  5. RandomHookup says:

    Don’t let this get around my office, or there will be nothing but a huge poster on the door signed by all the employees. Can’t encourage the rabble, mind you.

  6. djwoodyphl says:

    And suddenly the unemployment line grew by 4 …

  7. Josh Cohen says:

    Regrettably, one of the biggest contributing factors to perceived boss assholeness is the corporate office’s policies. I don’t know if this coffee shop has a corporate office, but that’s beside the point. As a manager myself, I know it is extremely difficult to reconcile being a good boss to your employees with being a good boss to your superiors. I’ve been caught in the middle numerous times, implementing asinine policies that make no sense to anyone, just because my superiors — and I have way, WAY too many, including one good regional manager and a bunch of mediocre others — decide they’re a good idea.

    “The Trojans lost the war because they fell for a really dumb trick. hey, there’s a gigantic wooden horse outside and all the Greeks have left. Let’s bring it inside! Not a formula for long-term survival. Now if they had formed a task force to study the Trojan Horse and report back to a committee, everyone wouldn’t have been massacred.. Who says middle management is useless?” -Adam C Engst