WOMMA’s Word of Mouth Code of Ethics

WOMMA, the ‘Word of Mouth Marketing Association,’ has published their first draft of an ‘Ethics Code’ and they’re asking for “interested parties” to pass on comment. Touched with unique quality that allows marketers to mix terms describing ethics with terms describing profit, they’ve boiled down the ‘WOMMA Code’ to the ‘Honest ROI,’ comprised of the following:

• Honesty of Relationship: You say who you’re speaking for

• Honesty of Opinion: You say what you believe

• Honesty of Identity: You never obscure your identity

Actually, those sound pretty good. The question is, how does codifying behavior for WOMMA members help us to identify marketing and PR agencies who don’t adhere to such practices? Nevertheless, a good start.

The WOMMA Code of Ethics [WOMMA]

Bonus Link: Influence in Ratings-Based Recommender Systems: An Algorithm-Independent Approach [PDF Grouplens.org] (Thanks, Randy!)

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