Target’s CSI: Minneapolis

We really enjoy it when readers send in not only tips, but punch lines, as well. Everything from this sentence on out is totally Friday Quote Madness.

Well, okay, this sentence is ours, too, but we felt it necessary to note that this is our first chance to use a picture of Anderson Cooper in a post on The Consumerist. We feel like a real, live Gawker blog now.

From AndyCo’s 360 Blog:

Turns out Target has one of the most advanced crime labs in the country at its headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was initially set up to deal with things like theft, fraud, and personal injury cases in their stores. Now, Target also helps law enforcement agencies nationwide solve crimes, even murders.

Reader Christy notes, “Don’t feel bad Wal-Mart, you guys have one of those blood pressure things. That’s nice, too.”


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  1. airship says:

    How would you like to be, like, one of the world’s greatest criminals, only to find out that you’ve been caught by TARGET?!? Scotland Yard, yes; CSI: Las Vegas, yes; but TARGET?!?!? You’d be the laughingstock of SingSing:
    “Hey, Professor Destruction! What are you in for?”
    “I designed an army of killer robots that broke into Fort Knox with disintegrator rays and stole all the gold in nuclear-powered flying saucers!”
    “WOW! Who caught you?”
    “uh… target…”