Ripped-off Ford Customer Torches Dealership, Kills Self

t screw your customers over: they may blow you up.

On February 4, George Georgettis, an apparently mild-mannered performance arts theater manager, purchased a new SUV from a Miami Ford dealership. When he arrived home and checked the paperwork, he discovered the price was vastly higher than he agreed to on the lot. Feeling scammed, he took action. But rather than quietly seethe, blog about it or even complain to the Better Business Bureau, he crashed his new Ford Escape through the dealership’s window, doused the SUV in gasoline and lit a match.

Witness Denise Cruz was standing near Georgettis when he started his arson.
The next thing you heard was BOOM, and you saw flames all over the place,
she said, as reported by CBS-4.

Eleven cars were destroyed in the conflagration, including an extra-special ‘limited-edition’ Ford GT worth $150,000.

This otherwise darkly comic tale of vigilante consumer activism turned tragic last night when the suspect allegedly committed suicide, hanging himself in the restroom of a flight from Washington to LA.

Note to Ford: live consumers make for better return customers.

Customer Torches Dealership [ CBS-4 ]

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