TPM’s Collection of Ikea Woes

We’ll cop to sort of being taken aback by Ikea, as our first experience with the Scandinavian furniture superstore was just a couple years ago. We’re still somewhat in shock at how much appearance of good furniture one can get for such a small amount of money. Plus, as we are legally required to mention, meatballs.

But apparently lots of people have had problems with Ikea, which isn’t really that big of a surprise considering how much poorly-built furniture they sell. Lefty blogger Joshua Micah Marshall has been collecting readers’ complaints about Ikea, and we’d be as guilty not to mention them as Ikea was for thinking you could build a sturdy bookshelf with balsa-wood pegs.

So after waiting a week after taking the order, my IKEA rep called back, left a message on our voicemail that said something to the effect of “Oh, we forgot shipping. That
ll be another $700 because it has to all go freight. [click]”

Oh, god, never get it shipped! Ikea’s shipping is horribly expensive, because their wooden trucks always fall apart on the road. (Thanks, Gari!)

Ikea Horror Stories [Talking Points Memo]