Bribe Your Senator With An iPod!

Upon being purchased an iPod by his daughter, Alaskan / octogenarian Senator Ted Stevens suddenly came around on the concept of fair use. So taking their cue from Senator Stevens’ conversion, has started a campaign to buy every senator who has a say in legislation affecting technology a brand new video iPod. The theory is that a brand-new iPod loaded with “public domain content, Creative Commons content, and audio messages about the importance of balanced copyright policy” is going to sway our lawmakers into a more lenient view of consumers’ media rights than the RIAA-propaganda they are currently being lobby-fed.

We love it. Those crappy Creative Commons mp3s are going to be formatted off those iPods in a second — who in god’s names would willingly listen to that crap, anyway? — but finally, a campaign that acknowledges that the best way to change lawmakers minds is through open bribery. Would you like to help flagrantly bribe a senator into protecting the rights of consumers? Go donate to’s campaign today.