McDonald’s Blog’s One-Way ‘Conversation’

After hearing about the blood-topped sundaes allegations at McDonalds, we thought we’d contact Bob Langert, McDonald’s Senior Director for Corporate Responsibility, who also posts to the company’s new Corporate Responsibility Blog, to encourage him to post about the issue. Unfortunately, despite a stated desire to “hear from you because we are always learning and trying to improve,” McDonald’s blog doesn’t have a way to actually contact Mr. Langert listed on the blog itself.

We suppose we could leave a comment in the single post that has been made on the blog (and we have), as the comments are vetted by the author. We encourage Mr. Langert to add some methods for the blog-reading public to actually initiate conversation.

But first, maybe he should talk to us about those sundaes. (Bloody sundaes.)


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  1. Danilo says:

    Wow. All the comments in that blog have the fresh, crisp, bitter taste of astroturf.

    Also, these Robert Stack-esque consumerist ads are starting to grow on me.

  2. mrscolex says:

    I have to step up to the plate on behalf of McDonald’s and why corporations are so scared of doing these types of blog ideas– I do think they’re a great idea, like Joel mentioned in an earlier article– but if the only thing thats going to happen is everyone is going to try and step up to the plate to pigeonhole McDonalds, then they’re just going to take it down.

    The time spent by a corporate talking head revising his responses and making them full of sunshine and lollipops so that he doesn’t offend anyone in the process is going to become more trouble than it’s worth unless its STRICTLY controlled.

    Then add in a dash of media types quoting everything out of context and you can see why this would become a bad idea. It just takes one response from a McDonalds rep saying, “We believe that our hamburgers can fit well into any healthy diet with moderation”

    and the media will go, “McDonalds Corp touts hamburgers are part of healthy eating campaign!”

  3. non-meat-stick says:

    what a waste of space…