Family Eats Roach Sandwiches at KFC

With all of the digits and genitalia being found in fast food lately, it’s an exciting time for us here at The Consumerist, but at this point, we’ve been left down so many times on the validity of these claims that we’re going to assume the Kentucky Fried Roachwich is another fake out.

It was supposed to be a quick after school snack, but instead a family said it turned out more like a scene from an episode of “Fear Factor.”

A family claimed it ate fast food sandwiches filled with baby roaches.

However, the real debate began after the company quickly offered a cash settlement that Linda Watson said made her even angrier.

The fine art of negotiation is tricky. First of all, you always need to know what your walkaway position is: the almost entirely arbitrary figure which you will not go below. But the trickier part is to gradually increase the amount the person or company you are negotiating with is willing to pay by making an overexaggerated show of being utterly reasonable. So here’s a tip from those of us at the Consumerist: if KFC offers you a thousand dollars to eat a roach sandwich and like it, shrilly hyperventilating that you won’t accept less than a million jillion dollars isn’t going to get you any closer to your walkaway position than you were before. Especially when you later admit that you’d be willing to accept a minimum of $5,000 – the exact amount KFC offered to pay and you claimed was an insult.

But read the full story and pay close attention to when the daughter over-zealously describes the consistency of her bowel movements for the next few days. This is Pulitzer-level reporting, people.

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