Adult Diapers All The Rage Among Chinese Travellers

On the other hand, maybe the Chinese should be censored.

Alongside food and fire crackers, Chinese are adding a new item to their lunar New Year shopping: Adult diapers. Sales have soared ahead of the holiday as travelers prepare for long trips home aboard trains so crowded that even the toilets are jammed with people, newspapers said Tuesday.

Maybe Google’s actually got the right idea here. Do we really want to encourage the free exchange of ideas with a people who would find soiling themselves, then sitting around in their own filth for a twenty hour train ride, preferable to just going in front of someone else? Or, hell, just sticking their ass out the window? Can you imagine being one of the few passengers with pride on that cattle car, packed in the middle of a thousand peasants happily stewing in their own feces? Remind us to link this story next time we complain about Amtrak. God bless America, baby.