Follow Dell Refurbs’ Life Stories

Gawkerite Scott Kidder has stumbled on a potentially handy bit of Dell Hellishness for those who have had the brass balls to order refurbished computers from the Dell Outlet—only to find they don’t work.

It seems that the Service Tag remains the same after they send you the new machine, making it relatively easy for you to look up the problems which caused the first customer to send it in. Does that make your problems go away? Almost certainly not. (It didn’t help Scott much), but it might give you a little more ammo when pleading with Dell’s customer service larvae to let you send your machine back for its second time.


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  1. SamC says:

    Nice discovery, that will definately be useful later.

    Now that you’ve spilled the beans, I have a monopoly-dollar that says Dell starts replacing those service tags on refurbs right quick.

    I have enough problems with brand-new Dells. I shudder at the thought of a refurb. (Dude! You’re getting a headache!)

  2. Brian Dailey says:

    I bought a refurbished Dell in 2002. I have one problem with the CD-ROM drive, but it was quickly replaced. I think the problem was actually my fault (toting around the laptop in a backpack with schoolbooks during college).

    I supposed it’s a game of luck, but I wouldn’t hesitate to order another refurb. The discount is quite worth it.

  3. Scott Kidder says:

    This is all assuming you manage to successfully communicate with the Indian call center’s employees!

  4. mrscolex says:


    I’m sure these guys would like to have a word with you:

    Indian delegation visiting Dell

    Tee hee..