Shophacks: Track Down a CEO (‘And Torture Him’ Optional)

When you’re down and out and all alone, who can you turn to for satisfaction? When it’s cold and dark we look to the man that showed us that we weren’t too old to learn to love again: The CEO.

When we track down our besuited beaus we’re just looking for some cheap thrills and the memory of post-IPO rub downs with stacks of hundreds, but when Josh Smith tracks down a CEO, he means business—consumery business.

Josh has a whole plan to help you find the CEO of your dreams. Whether you try to snuggle him or give him a piece of your mind about his company’s failings is up to you.

Step 4: Call the number after the main offices have closed. Generally one of the first choices available is the option of using the directory.
Start by dialing the CEO
s last name generally and in my experiences you will get taken to the CEO
s voicemail box or one monitored by his assistant which is generally good enough if you make your case.


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  1. Smoking Pope says:

    Ahhh, I did this when I had a beef with America West (motto: You’re only a lowly customer). It got me some free tickets, but it didn’t make them stop sucking so hard.

  2. Juancho says:

    This totally works. You’d be surprised what big names you can get to in voice-mail after hours. And it doesn’t just work in the business world…