Amazon Listens: Fixes X-Rated ‘Anime’ Search Snafu

We won! Maybe! At least, we’ll take the credit! Good ol’ Amazon listened to our complaints about mixing x-rated hentai when doing searches for hentai and has quickly fixed the problem. Performing a search for anime now returns only the most wholesome of results, while searching for ‘hentai’ returns all the tentacles and demon incest that we hold so dear.

Nicely and quickly played, Amazon.


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  1. JNelsonW says:

    Great; When I read your first post I made the mistake of going to amazon and checking it out on my own. Now my front page is filled with recommendations for anime porn named “sisters in sin” and such like. Now I’ve got to throw it off by clicking on links for gardening tools or something.

  2. Rick says:

    They did good, but you saved them a heap of trouble. Could you imagine if Focus on the Family got their hands on that info? Or even worse…Best Buy?