The Zero Movement: Coke’s Pepsi Blue

We’d reach down deep within our mucous-engorged rage cavity to slop some bile at the Coca-Cola Company for their stupendously midguided attempt to promote new ‘Coke Zero’ through The Zero Movement, but we’re still careening around our porcelain work tub like so much congealed ham from manifest force of psychic disconnect upon the realization that there was a company out there still attempting to appear cool by using a blog.

We won’t get into all the dirty details—Adrants and The Zero Movement Sucks have more than amply documented that the Coke-less site is, in fact, a Coke marketing campaign—but we wanted to point out the layer cake of lame constructed by the world’s largest soda pop company. It’s a blog with a slacker manifesto using Javascript session IDs! It really is from the ’90s!. We are not joking in the least when we say that we’re getting a little bit ill to our stomach, and we even enjoy Coke as a product.

Nice color scheme, though.

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