Omni Technologies Responds

Omni Technologies’ Customer Service Director Cary Janssen wrote regarding the Michael G’s complaint about the company we posted yesterday.


We were directed to a posting on your site about our company by a

Do you really post anything anybody says about anyone else and then give journalistic opinions as FACT and consider that as viable?

If you wish to know the facts about this transaction and this slanderous post about our company you may contact me personally at the numbers listed below.

m sure THE FACTS WILL SURPRISE YOU…..but then again you may just take opportunity to turn it around and cash in on the scandalous attention it generates.

You may contact us by phone at 800-805-5655 / 561-750-2484 / 9am – 9pm EST / 7 Days.

– Cary Janssen / Customer Service Director

The very nature of customer complaints makes them susceptible to ‘he said, she said’ gridlocks. The Consumerist exists to help foster that dialogue. To that end, we have invited Mr. Janssen to be a commentor on The Consumerist, so that he may address his customer’s complaints in a public forum. We encourage him to take advantage of the opportunity.

Believe it or not, we do try to remain as objective as possible when publishing any “slanderous post,” but if we’ve posted a complaint on our site, you can make an assumption that we’re empathizing with the consumer. That said, sometimes customers—and we editors—get it wrong, which is why encourage comments, responses, and critiques from both the companies in question and our readers.


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  1. L'Emmerdeur says:

    Excellent. Consumers and vendors duking it out in a common forum, where the vendor’s behavior is evident for all the world to see (for better or for worse).

    I’ll bring the popcorn and the raincoats to make sure none of the blood sprays on our clothes!

  2. meaniemean says:

    I find it hard to believe that this douche is going to have the balls to post a rebuttal in a public forum. Over the phone he can lie to Joel. Why make his defense public?

    I hereby judge this company guilty, pending the release of all records pertaining to the handling of Michael’s order. Also guilty of terrible web design, but that’s another complaint.

  3. WMeredith says:

    I sincerely hopes he posts. I would definitely be interested in seeing both sides of the story.

  4. Smoking Pope says:

    Cary Janssen, are you having a bad day or something? I find it hard to believe that a professional would send an e-mail off to the press with such an agressive tone. You’re trying to improve your perception, right? You know, win customers?

    Instead you’ve insulted the people you would like to work with you to set the record straight, and indirectly insulted their audience by insinuating that they automatically assume anything they see in print is true. Nice job.

  5. Smoking Pope says:

    @meaniemean: I found a bunch of Omni web sites (all of them with horrible design), but none of the are related to these guys. This Omni “sells exclusively on eBay”:

  6. AFD says:

    Unless Michael’s just making up the whole story, there is no excuse for any company (or ebay merchant) to increase pricing once a transaction is final and/or payment has been made. It is the seller’s responsibility to update and advertise the correct price.

  7. non-meat-stick says:

    AFD speaks truth

    that response from Cary Janssen is quite unprofessional and I would hope his/her supervisor sees that and takes concern. There was no need for that type of tone. They obviously have no clue what this site is all about!

  8. RowdyRoddyPiper says:

    At first read I thought they were directed to the post on consumerist by a “displeased” customer. I was just imagining some guy on the phone saying, “Look, see, I’m not the only one that thinks you guys are total shitheads. People on the INTERWEB are pissed at ya too.”.

  9. Velociraptor says:

    For a long time Omni Technologies was the “low price” leader on; some time in the last few months, they’ve disappeared, as has their web site.

    I’m not sure what happened, but I can say that I have purchased from them, received the RAM, and it worked fine (currently in use in the SO’s iBook G3 dual USB). Obviously, it’s troubling that the website “just disappeared”–their “value RAM” is supposed to have a life-time warranty. One thing that I thought was a bit of poppy-cock on their site was their explanation for the three price points on RAM–value, premium, and “Ultra”. If I heard it from an engineer that makes the stuff I might find it more believable, but I am not aware of any performance differences in RAM (other than cache latency) that would affect performance that much.

    I also thought it was odd that they *required* you to provide the make and model of the computer you were buying the RAM for–otherwise they would not ship it. I guess this was to prevent the Fry’s “buy and try” component returns problem.

    I guess the computer component industry is getting as shady as gray-market camera/ electronics.