Omni Technologies Responds

Omni Technologies’ Customer Service Director Cary Janssen wrote regarding the Michael G’s complaint about the company we posted yesterday.


We were directed to a posting on your site about our company by a

Do you really post anything anybody says about anyone else and then give journalistic opinions as FACT and consider that as viable?

If you wish to know the facts about this transaction and this slanderous post about our company you may contact me personally at the numbers listed below.

m sure THE FACTS WILL SURPRISE YOU…..but then again you may just take opportunity to turn it around and cash in on the scandalous attention it generates.

You may contact us by phone at 800-805-5655 / 561-750-2484 / 9am – 9pm EST / 7 Days.

– Cary Janssen / Customer Service Director

The very nature of customer complaints makes them susceptible to ‘he said, she said’ gridlocks. The Consumerist exists to help foster that dialogue. To that end, we have invited Mr. Janssen to be a commentor on The Consumerist, so that he may address his customer’s complaints in a public forum. We encourage him to take advantage of the opportunity.

Believe it or not, we do try to remain as objective as possible when publishing any “slanderous post,” but if we’ve posted a complaint on our site, you can make an assumption that we’re empathizing with the consumer. That said, sometimes customers—and we editors—get it wrong, which is why encourage comments, responses, and critiques from both the companies in question and our readers.