Best Buy Screws Up Sirius Installs

A comedy of errors of a Sirius Best Buy install, probably installed by the above aryan guidos:

I asked the installers where they were going to install the satellite antenna because I had done my homework and found that the antenna needs a good line of sight to the satellites and should be put either on the roof or on the trunk deck for convertibles, which my Saab is. They told me they always install them on the dash by the windshield and that it works perfectly from that location. I questioned that and explained that Sirius recommends putting it outside the car for proper reception but they adamantly informed me that they had installed thousands of antennas over the past two years and the dash was fine for “perfect” reception. They also told me that the antenna cable provided in the Sirius kit I purchased would not reach all the way to the trunk so they really had no choice but to put it on the dash. I left to get something to eat and leave them to their work with any uneasy feeling about the antenna location but there was nothing further I could do at that point as they were going to install it on the dash or not at all.

It gets worse and worse and worse, until a “free” installation of his satellite radio system ends up costing him over two hundred bones. One fascinating thing about the complaint is how James Kendrick, clearly more on the ball than the Best Buy technicians who installed his system, goes through so many pains even in retrospect to meet Best Buy in the middle and be as happy with his service as he clearly wanted to be going in. When you are this fair and balanced and still end up pissed, you just know you got screwed.

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