World’s Most Expensive Shoes for Women

Ladies love them shoes, says fashion watchdog

Cohen estimates that shoes costing $1,000 and up account for less than 1% of total women’s fashion footwear sales (fashion footwear is defined as anything other than athletic), but he acknowledges a growing group of women willing to pay more for their shoes now than they ever have been before. “It changed as early as a year-and-a-half ago but picked up steam in the past six months. Women consider footwear their signature item now.”

Oddly enough, we consider women’s feet our signature item, although we’ve been advised to stop wearing them to Sunday School.

Of course, if you care less about the burgeoning market in high-end shoes, skip right to the slideshow, featuring among others this pair of $1k Escada evening sandals (with matching $1k clutch).

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