Woman Gets $12k Cellphone Bill Waived, Forces Company President to Tea

Here’s a story you can take some heart in: Canadian cellphone company Rogers will be fixing a $12,000 bill issued to one Ms. Drummond after her number was cloned and used by crooks to make long distance calls around the world. We’re glad Rogers has decided to forgive the debt—with a word from on high from Ted Rogers himself—but we’re more excited by the news that Ms. Drummond isn’t giving up the fight just because she got her problem squared away.

Although she’s glad that Rogers has offered to settle the dispute, Ms. Drummond says she will continue to pursue underlying issues, including a contentious clause in the Rogers contract that forbids consumers from taking the company to court or joining a class-action lawsuit against it.
“It’s completely ridiculous,” she said. “I’m glad that we got somewhere with this fight, but it shouldn’t take a law professor and a technology journalist to make them behave like decent corporate citizens.”

She’s also forced Tim Rogers to come to tea, which is a lovely bit of humanizing shame. (Thanks, Greg!)

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