Rogers Twitter Account Is Apparently Run By Wisecracking Sitcom Teen

Rogers Twitter Account Is Apparently Run By Wisecracking Sitcom Teen

When you haven’t had phone service for several days and all you want is for someone at the phone company to tell you when it will finally be fixed, it’s not a good idea for a customer service rep to try to A) try to tell you about the benefits of its pay-TV service; and B) be a smartass about it. [More]

This Canadian $10 bill would only buy you about 612 KB of LTE usage on without one of AT&T's add-on plans. (photo: Triborough)

AT&T Now Has LTE Roaming In Canada, But Oh Boy Could It Cost You

Thinking of visiting our neighbors to the north? If you’re an AT&T customer, you may be interested to know that the company is now offering LTE roaming, and AT&T is currently the only American wireless provider with such an arrangement. But what you need to know is that it doesn’t come cheap. [More]

Just What The Heck Is Halloween Egg Nog?

Just What The Heck Is Halloween Egg Nog?

Christmas Creep is mutating. First, we were alerted to the existence of “Halloween Trees” that appear to grow out of a fake human skull and feature festive orange lights. Now, reader Courtney introduces us to “Halloween Egg Nog.”

Sprint Canada’s Free Service Worth Every Penny

Joe M. writes:

Sprint Canada provides the toll-free service for the company I work for and has been for as long as I can remember. As a value-added service, they provide flexible call routing features which they call “Time of Day” and “Day of Year”, which allow us to vary the terminating number depending on the date and time. We use this to roll the toll-free number over to a cell-phone that alternates between our service staff, and it is handy for holidays.

Woman Gets $12k Cellphone Bill Waived, Forces Company President to Tea

“It’s completely ridiculous,” she said. “I’m glad that we got somewhere with this fight, but it shouldn’t take a law professor and a technology journalist to make them behave like decent corporate citizens.”

She’s also forced Tim Rogers to come to tea, which is a lovely bit of humanizing shame. (Thanks, Greg!)