The Bathroom Scale: Anthropologie Solstice 2005 Catalog

The Catalog: Anthropologie Solstice 2005. ‘Solstice’ is Catalog for ‘fancy.’ Also online here.

The Target: Women who want their oaken headboards distressed, but their table lamps bouncing soft light off minimalist gauchos to be tear-dropped and unblemished.

The Models: Three-fifths, by weight, of the girls we knew next door. In Elf City. The redhead, relegated to the back of the book, is stunning.

Bathroom Reading Rating: The layout is unassumingly composited; the photography is interesting; the paper is soft, with a chalky cover that lends itself to languid browsing (or emergency shortages). Suitable for women and guys who would like to impress them, without being totally gay.

Four swallowtail floor cushions out of five. A keeper.

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