Quiznos Employee Lets Her Little Kid Help Fix My Sandwich

Consumerist reader Silver and his wife made a trip to their local Quiznos in Ft. Worth the other day and came face to face with an employee who may have taken the whole “bring your child to work day” thing too seriously.

According to Silver, when he and his wife arrived at the Quiznos, they noticed a bunch of children playing around in the front of the store. But when they went to the counter, so did one of the kids.

He’ll take it from here:

Just then, one of the kids who was playing in the front earlier ran behind the counter and started clinging on to legs of the employee who was taking our order.

The employee then asked what kind of veggies my wife wanted and she said “First of all, I don’t think that kid has washed his hands, is an employee, or should be standing next to a 450Ëš open oven.”

The employee just stared at my wife, and — get this — lowered the sandwich to the kid, maybe 4 years old, who then grabbed one of the containers of oregano and started to dress my wife’s sandwich.

I yelled at the woman that I thought that it was unsanitary, a child has no business being back there with you, and this has to be some kind of Health Code violation. She just stared at me plainly, said nothing and tossed the sandwich in the trash can.

The kid then rested both of his forearms on the cutting board, while another child ran behind the counter to join him.

She simply would not address us and completely ignored the fact that her child was running rampant through the store near open ovens.

We called Quiznos’ 1-800 line several days ago and have yet to receive a response from them. I also have been trying to contact them via their website, but it keeps timing out.

You might also want to try Quiznos Twitter account, which appears to be active.

Of course, after looking at these pics from earlier today, you might just want to give up on Quiznos.