Diebold Voting Machines, Hotel Minibars Equally Secure

Politics are not really in our purview, but when your tax money goes to buying expensive machines that just don’t work… oh, and happen to determine the future of the entire country… we’ve just got to step up.

Everyone at this point has heard that Diebold’s Voting Machines are completely insecure. Unfortunately, the reason they are insecure has to do with somewhat complicated encryption theory, which most of us must take an expert’s word on.

But here’s something that anyone can understand: Diebold Voting Machines can be opened using a simple mini bar turnkey. Simply buy a turnkey over the Internet and with a smidgen of technical know-how you’re well on your way to rigging your next election.

“Hotel Minibar” Keys Open Diebold Voting Machines [Freedom To Tinker]