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Mike Mozart

Target Ending Pilot Program That Rewarded Customers For Using Cartwheel App

Last year, Target began testing a pilot rewards program that allowed some users of its Cartwheel app to earn points redeemable for merchandise based on how much they spend at the register when using the app. Now, that test is coming to an end.  [More]

Phillip Pessar

Sports Authority Hurrying To Close Stores Faster Than Originally Planned

When Sports Authority failed to find a buyer for any of its stores that wasn’t a liquidator, the company began its going-out-of-business sales at all of its stores. Back then, the company predicted that the sale would past roughly all summer, meaning that remaining retail employees would have jobs for about that long. Now, the chain reportedly hopes to wrap things up at the end of July. [More]

More Buyers Lined Up For Lehman Art Auction Than When Firm Sold

More Buyers Lined Up For Lehman Art Auction Than When Firm Sold

The art and ephemera of the failed Lehman Brothers firm fetched more interest at auction Wednesday than it itself could when it was put on the block, racking up $2.53 million in sales from over 200 participants. Of note was highest sale price item Gabriel Orozco’s “Atomists: Jump over” for $157,248, and a metal Lehman Brothers sign and a lot that included a sign of its mission statement that went for $21,744. The sign read, “We are one firm defined by our unwavering commitment to our clients, our shareholders and each other.” Ah, memories. [More]