Even Sarah McLachlan Changes The Channel When Her ASPCA Commercial Comes On

smlachlangrabAnyone who was watched basic cable after midnight in the last seven years has probably come face to face with the 2-minute long heart-rending ASPCA commercial about animal cruelty featuring singer Sarah McLachlan and her oft-karaoked song “Angel.” While it’s been a huge fundraising success for ASPCA, it’s not an easy couple of minutes to watch, especially when you’re just trying to watch a 2 a.m. rerun of House Hunters International. Now the Canadian songstress has a comforting message for those of us who reach for the remote: We’re not alone.

The commercial popped up repeatedly during McLachlan’s Ask Me Anything session earlier today on Reddit.

But when one Redditor admitted that the commercial is such a bummer that the channel must be changed when it comes on, McLachlan confessed, “I change the channel too. It’s the kitten with the droopy eye, or the 3-legged dog, bless them, it kills me.”

In barely related news from the AMA, McLachlan’s best reply was to a 12-year-old boy who says he gets made fun of by his friends for liking her music:

“I think it’s wonderful you were listening to my music, and they’re not really your friends if they can’t support your musical tastes.
Tell ’em fuck off from me.”

For those who aren’t familiar with the ASCPA ad and have two minutes in which to feel really bad about the world, here you go:

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