Owner Of Legoland, Madame Tussaud’s Interested In Buying Parts Of SeaWorld That Aren’t SeaWorld

Merlin Entertainments may not be a household name, but you would probably recognize some of the destinations that it owns around the world, which include the London Eye and many global outposts of Legoland and Madame Tussaud’s. The British company is reportedly interested in buying SeaWorld, but may only want to buy the parks that don’t feature cetacean-based entertainment. UPDATE: Merlin Entertainment now says that it is not in talks with Sea World to buy the whole company or any of its parts. [More]

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SeaWorld Lawsuit: “Shamu Show” Was A Sham That Masked “Ugly Truth” About Lives Of Whales At The Park

Despite attempting to reassure the public that all is well under its artificial seas, SeaWorld continues to face criticism from the general public: A new class-action lawsuit against SeaWorld claims that the park made hundreds of millions of dollars from its “Shamu Show,” all while hiding the truth of how its killer whales were treated. [More]

This whale is safe because he's a cartoon.(a lonewolf)

Company Realizes Selling Dog Treats Made Of Endangered Whales Maybe Isn’t Such A Great Idea

Over in Japan, dog owners apparently absolutely love their dogs and many have no qualms about spoiling the ever loving crap out of them with fancy food. But when environmentalists found out a Japanese pet food company was using meat from endangered North Atlantic fin whales in dog treats, the you-know-what hit the fan and has prompted the company to pull the controversial snacks from the market. [More]

Sushi Restaurant That Served Illegal Whale Now Closed

Sushi Restaurant That Served Illegal Whale Now Closed

The Hump, a Santa Monica, Calif. sushi restaurant accused of illegally selling whale meat, closed yesterday. The reason given on the restaurant’s Web site? By closing, they hope to bring attention to the damage done by illegal whaling. Riiiight. [More]