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West Coast Port Slowdown Is A Bonanza For Fashion Bargain-Hunters

The cargo-unloading slowdown on the West Coast of the United States had far-reaching effects on the global economy, causing problems for everyone from McDonald’s in Japan to truckers in Los Angeles. It was especially harmful to the fashion industry, which saw hot styles shipped over from Asia cool down as they sat off the coast, unable to be unloaded and put in stores. However, this means a bonanza for off-price retailers. [More]

Corey Templeton

West Coast Port Workers Have Contract, Backlog Will Take 2 Months To Clear

The International Longshore and Warehouse Union and the Pacific Maritime Association have come to an agreement over a new five-year contract for port workers. This ends their nine-month dispute and a slowdown of traffic at ports that has affected everyone from auto workers in Ohio to fast food fans in Venezuela. The U.S. Secretary of Labor stepped in to help the two sides come to an agreement, and now everyone is working hard to clear the backlog. [More]

Corey Templeton

Secretary Of Labor Hopes To End West Coast Ports Gridlock

Today, workers at the major sea ports on the West Coast report back after a split four-day weekend. Contract negotiations between the union and a trade organization that represents shipping companies have continued for nine months, and the U.S. Secretary of Labor is joining the negotiations today before the slowdown has worse effects on the global economy. [More]

Corey Templeton

West Coast Ports Shut Down Entirely This Weekend

The backlog of unloaded cargo shops on the West Coast of the United States has had some odd effects on the world. We’ve pointed out some small, sometimes amusing issues: Asian automakers must use air cargo to ship needed parts to their factories in the U.S., and McDonald’s Japan airlifted emergency fries as it deals with a shortage. Yet all this hilarity could have serious consequences for the American economy if the current issues continue. [More]