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Retronaut and Lidl

Kroger Goes To War With Lidl Over Similar Sounding Store-Brand Products

Lidl, the discount grocery chain from Germany that is not Aldi, recently opened its first U.S. stores in a handful of states. But not everyone is rolling out the welcome wagon. The nation’s largest supermarket chain is accusing the newcomer of trying to copycat its store-brand line of products. [More]

Walmart Rips Off Girl Scout Cookies

Walmart Rips Off Girl Scout Cookies

Walmart is selling cheap knockoffs of Girl Scout signature Thin Mint and Tagalongs cookies, says a former Cookie Mom and blogger CV Harquail. She writes, “It’s not discriminating against women, strong-arming suppliers, polluting neighborhoods or racing to the bottom of the China Price. No, this time, it’s closer to home, and in my case, really close to home. This time … Walmart is knocking off the Girl Scouts.”