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State Says Bakery Discriminated Against Same-Sex Couple By Refusing To Make Wedding Cake

Two years after an Oregon bakery refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple, the state’s Bureau of Labor and Industries says the business discriminated against the two women and as such, will have to pay up to $105,000 in fines. [More]

No cake for me, thanks.

You Probably Can’t Sell Your Disastrous Wedding Cake On eBay, No Matter How Awful It Looks

In case you haven’t heard, weddings can be very expensive. And the part that most guests care a whole lot about, the cake, is no exception. So what recourse when a bride take when the cake of her dreams arrives and is more of a dessert nightmare? One unsatisfied customer took the Internet shaming route by putting the monstrous thing up for sale on eBay. [More]