Sony Agrees To Refund Xperia Owners For Claiming Devices Were Waterproof

A few years ago, Sony walked back its marketing claims that the Xperia line of devices were so waterproof, they could be used to take photos underwater. The company is now agreeing to settle a class action complaint that resulted from those waterproof claims by issuing refunds to anyone whose phone or tablet was damaged by water. [More]

Consumer Reports

Samsung And AT&T Won’t Tell You If Your Galaxy S7 Active Isn’t Waterproof, Or Extend Warranty

You might be familiar with the Samsung S7 Active smartphone, which both the manufacturer and its exclusive retailer, AT&T, advertise as being waterproof. Our phone-dunking colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports tested that claim and found the S7 Active lacking, with two test phones failing after a simulated 5-foot dunk in a water tank. Yet it turns out AT&T employees aren’t aware of this issue, and owners of the phone won’t get a lifetime warranty for liquid damage. [More]


Sony: You Actually Shouldn’t Use Waterproof Xperia Phones Underwater

Sony’s doing a bit of an about face after touting its Xperia devices as being waterproof enough that users can take pictures and videos underwater, updating its support page to advise against doing exactly that. [More]

Samsung, AT&T To Replace Water-Damaged Waterproof Phones

Samsung, AT&T To Replace Water-Damaged Waterproof Phones

The whole point of the recently released Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is that it is supposed to be waterproof. Yet some users have been complaining that the device doesn’t live up to its hype or its supposed water-resistance rating, and a new report claims that AT&T and Samsung will be giving people who purchased the S4 Active the opportunity for a one-time-only exchange. [More]

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Don’t Have A Special Case To Protect Your Electronics On The Beach? A Plastic Bag Will Do

Many of us can’t even pass by a glass of water or toilet without our phones leaping straight into them, causing often irreparable damage and a whole lot of irritation. So the beach, with its crashing waves and insidious sand, is a veritable wet and gritty pit of despair, waiting to claim your electronics. You can find plenty of waterproof special bags on the market, but a regular sliding bag will do the trick, too. [More]

Waterproof Smartphones Make Accidental Toilet Dunkings A Lot Less Scary

For anyone who’s ever leaned over a toilet or a glass of water and heard the unmistakeable “kerplunk!” of your hard-earned money disappearing into a watery grave, you should be relieved to hear that new waterproof smartphones are on the way.
USA Today reports from the 2012 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where the Panasonic Eluga and Eluga Power were on display. Running on Android, the Elugas look to be nice and thin, not some plunky piece of deep-diving plastic. [More]

VIDEO: Write In The Shower With Rite-In-The-Rain Notebooks

Using a pencil or a waterproof pen, you can actually write on it underwater. The pages are coated so they never get soggy. The book does get “damp” but it dries off after a while. Your writing stays legible. The book doesn’t dissolve.