volatile organic compounds

Not quite true...

Sherwin-Williams, PPG Agree To Stop Lying To Consumers About ‘Zero VOC’ Paints

Many interior paints contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in the form of solvents, some of which can be harmful to your health. So when a container of Dutch Boy Refresh paint proudly declares “Zero VOC,” one might reasonably think “Yay, no volatile organic compounds for me.” Well… maybe so, maybe not. [More]


What Common Household Products Are Potentially Killing Us Today?: We bring you some panic over dryer sheets, fabric softeners, detergents, and solid, spray and plug-in air fresheners. “When UW engineering professor Anne Steinemann analyzed of some of these popular items, she found 100 different volatile organic compounds measuring 300 parts per billion or more — some of which can be cancerous or cause harm to respiratory, reproductive, neurological and other organ systems.” Rats. [Seattle P-I]

Aveda Secretly Pulls Environmentally Unfriendly Hair Product?

Aveda Secretly Pulls Environmentally Unfriendly Hair Product?

According to a company insider, Aveda recently pulled a hair product from their shelves because it contained too many or too high a concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be nasty pollutants.