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Sony’s Online Pay-TV Service To Launch With Channels You Might Actually Want To Watch

After what seemed like an eternity of news leaks, rumors, and promises of an online-only pay-TV service from Sony, the company has finally announced that it will indeed be launching that cloud-based service, and that it will start with a slate of channels including some that humans actually watch. [More]

Cablevision thinks it should not be made to pay for VH1 Classic and more than a dozen other Viacom channels.

Sick Of Being Forced To Pay For Channels No One Watches, Cablevision Sues Viacom

Among the biggest bones of contention in the now-frequent carriage fee disputes between broadcasters and cable/satellite companies is broadcasters’ insistence that carriers buy an entire bundle of channels just to get the one or two networks people actually watch. Today, Cablevision declared “Enough!” and filed suit against Viacom. [More]


Viacom Tells DirecTV Customers To Complain In Order To Get Free Stuff

We’re now a few days into the fight between Viacom and DirecTV that has left nearly 20 million of the satellite service’s customers without 26 channels, including MTV, Nickelodeon, and Comedy Central. And while the two parties are reportedly trying to hammer out a resolution, Viacom’s Twitter account is only stoking the anti-DirecTV fires. [More]

Viacom Takes Down Full Episodes Of TV Shows To Punish Everyone For DirecTV Dispute

Viacom Takes Down Full Episodes Of TV Shows To Punish Everyone For DirecTV Dispute

The catfight between DirecTV and Viacom took a nasty turn this afternoon, as the broadcaster decided that it would temporarily stop streaming full episodes of some its shows simply because DirecTV pointed out to its ticked-off customers they could get some of their blacked-out favorites online. [More]

Should DirecTV Customers Get Refunds For Going Without Viacom Channels?

It’s one day into the standoff between DirecTV and Viacom and neither side is showing signs of backing down (though, the way these things go, they could be kissing and making up within the hour). In the meantime, millions of DirecTV customers have to go to their friends’ houses to watch Teen Mom reruns. So what’s the satellite company doing to make up for the 26 missing channels? [More]

Daily Show & Colbert Report Returning To Hulu

Daily Show & Colbert Report Returning To Hulu

It’s been almost a year since a squabble between Viacom and Hulu ended up with Comedy Central’s one-two punch of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report being pulled from the online video site. But now the two sides have reached an accord that will bring both of these shows, along with a bunch of other Viacom content, back to Hulu. [More]