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(Jackie Alpers)

Even If It Breaks Up Viacom Bundle, Cablevision Won’t Commit To A La Carte Cable

Earlier this week, Cablevision sued broadcasting biggie Viacom for its practice of requiring cable and satellite carriers to buy a wide range of channels — many of them with small audiences — in order to be able to air the few stations with mass appeal. But it doesn’t look like Cablevision is open to the idea of giving customers the same level of choice. [More]

Cablevision thinks it should not be made to pay for VH1 Classic and more than a dozen other Viacom channels.

Sick Of Being Forced To Pay For Channels No One Watches, Cablevision Sues Viacom

Among the biggest bones of contention in the now-frequent carriage fee disputes between broadcasters and cable/satellite companies is broadcasters’ insistence that carriers buy an entire bundle of channels just to get the one or two networks people actually watch. Today, Cablevision declared “Enough!” and filed suit against Viacom. [More]