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Uniqlo Wants To Sell Shirts In Airport Vending Machines

Splashed by a cab in the rain at the airport? Hit by a bit of projectile vomit unleashed by your offspring? Uniqlo will sell you a shirt out of a vending machine at the airport. [More]


Walmart Has A Giant Grocery Vending Machine For Online Order Pickup Now

Back in November, Walmart began testing a giant orange vending machine that allowed online customers to pick up their orders without having to wait in line or talk to other people. Now, the company is reportedly testing a similar system, but for online grocery orders.  [More]

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Hackers Use College’s Connected Vending Machines To Attack Network

What do you get when you combine Internet of Things devices, an overworked network, and an over abundance of seafood-related domain searches? A university attacked by its own malware-infected connected devices. [More]

Snapchat Uses Vending Machines to Sell ‘Spectacle’ Smart Sunglasses

Snapchat Uses Vending Machines to Sell ‘Spectacle’ Smart Sunglasses

Forget about pop-up stores or branded kiosks. The new thing for selling your tech product is apparently vending machines — at least according to SnapChat, which is using bright yellow dispensers to market its new line of Spectacle photo- and video-taking sunglasses. [More]

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Nation’s First Pizza ATM Proves Dreams Really Can Come True

Someone at Xavier University in Cincinnati must have a direct line to the gods of pizza (who rule our desires from atop their throne of cheese on Mount Pepperoni) because the Cincinnati place of higher learning is getting the country’s very first pizza ATM. [More]

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We’re All Moving To Paris, Where There Is A Meat Vending Machine

What’s a hungry carnivore to do when a sudden craving for meat hits at an inconvenient hour? If you’re lucky enough to live in Paris, you can now visit a meat vending machine that dispenses steaks and sausages 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And if you don’t live in Paris yet, we’re moving there and could use some roommates. [More]

Pepsi will install thousands of health-focused vending machines across the country next year.

Pepsi’s New Hello Goodness Vending Machines Offer Only “Healthy” Options

PepsiCo wants consumers to know that it is taking their health seriously, and to demonstrate that, the company says it plans to install vending machines offering only healthy products around the country.  [More]

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FDA Giving Businesses Another Year To Comply With Rules Requiring Calorie Counts On Menus

Restaurants and other businesses that were living under a deadline to include calorie counts on menus and displays will get a bit of wiggle room to comply with the rule passed by the Food and Drug Administration last fall. The agency now says food purveyors will have another year to get their acts together, extending the previous deadline from Dec. 1, 2015 to Dec. 1, 2016.


Takata Is Not The Biggest Product Recall In U.S. History

Takata Is Not The Biggest Product Recall In U.S. History

The recall of Takata airbags used cars made by multiple manufacturers is massive: currently at 34 million vehicles in the United States alone and the list will apparently grow longer. Many news outlets are referring to this as the largest product recall in United States history, but it isn’t. [More]

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Apple Pay Gets More Useful, Coming To 200,000 Vending Machines & Other Self-Serve Devices

Apple Pay is not (yet) available at some of the nation’s largest retailers as they prepare to introduce their own mobile payment system, meaning you can’t use it to buy a week’s worth of groceries at Walmart or a TV at Best Buy, or even pay for your prescriptions at CVS and Rite-Aid. But what about those transactions on the opposite end of the spectrum, the ones with dollar values so small that you may feel odd not paying in cash? One company says it will be bringing Apple Pay to hundreds of thousands of vending machines and other self-serve devices. [More]

A Tulsa mother says her four-year-old son received a Nazi-themed ring from a vending machine at a local dollar store.

Parents Of Four-Year-Old Say Son Got A Nazi-Themed Ring In Toy Vending Machine

You just never know what might pop out of the small plastic bubble toy vending machines found at the front of many stores and restaurants. You could get a cute colorful dinosaur or a Nazi-themed plastic ring. The latter was reportedly the prize for a four-year-old at a Tulsa Family Dollar store earlier this week. [More]

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“Molesting A Vending Machine” Is Not What It Sounds Like

Sure, everyone giggled when they saw the headline that a man in Florida was arrested for “molesting [a] vending machine.” While you may have pictured a humiliated man caught performing unspeakable acts with a coin return slot, the real world is out to ruin the strange places where our imaginations go. [More]

A New Convenience Near Nightclubs: Shoe Vending Machines

A New Convenience Near Nightclubs: Shoe Vending Machines

Ladies, how often does this happen to you? You’re out for a night of fun, wearing your highest, prettiest heels, when the festivities continue for longer than your feet can hold out in those shoes. My answer is “never,” but apparently this is a common enough problem that it has been solved with vending machines near nightclubs that sell acceptably cute flats. [More]

Target Field Introduces Self-Serve Beer Machines For MLB All-Star Game

Target Field Introduces Self-Serve Beer Machines For MLB All-Star Game

This year, Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game will be held at Target Field in Minnesota. In advance of the game, the stadium has solved one of the great sporting-event dilemmas of our time: the possibility that you might miss some of the action on the field while waiting in line for a cold beer. What do you do? Target Field’s answer: vending machines. [More]


Pot Vending Machine Is Like That Awesome Idea You Had Once In College, Except It’s Real

It was around two in the morning one winter morning back in 1996 — or wait, was it three a.m. in 2001? You can’t remember. All you know is the brilliant idea you had that one time after watching Half Baked and smoking you know, “the reefer,” is now a reality. A new company has debuted its pot vending machine in the only place that can welcome it right now, Colorado. [More]

How A Man (And A Forklift) Conquered A Vending Machine, Then Lost His Job

How A Man (And A Forklift) Conquered A Vending Machine, Then Lost His Job

We’ve all been there, the utter disappointment of having your candy bar stuck in the evil teeth of a vending machine. The sweet treat hanging by a thread, mocking you from the top rows. How far are you willing to go to satisfy your sweet tooth? For one Iowa man scoring his treat cost him a job. [More]

Behold, The Hot Burrito Vending Machine Is Here

Behold, The Hot Burrito Vending Machine Is Here

Have you ever wanted to buy a gas-station burrito, but without the separate steps of interacting with the cashier and placing the burrito in the microwave yourself? Good news! Burritobox is the burrito vending machine of your dreams. [More]


Coming Soon: Vending Machine Calorie Counts

The Affordable Care Act doesn’t just mean highly entertaining conversations over dessert amongst your relatives this holiday season. There’s one new requirement that’s been sort of overshadowed by health insurance exchanges and electronic medical records: companies that own more than 20 vending machines will have to post calorie counts for the items they sell. [More]