Proposed Safety Rule Would Require Cars Be Able To “Talk” To Each Other

The U.S. Department of Transportation has proposed a new rule that would mandate vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) on all new cars, saying the technology has enormous potential to reduce crashes and possibly save lives. [More]

rich renomeron

Audi Launches Red Light-Sensing Car Technology In Las Vegas

Back in August, Audi announced that it was working on technology that would let cars communicate with traffic lights so drivers know when the lights will turn from red to green. The carmaker is now ready to roll that tech out onto real streets, starting in Las Vegas. [More]

rich renomeron

New Audi Technology Will Tell Drivers Exactly When The Light Will Change

Anyone who’s ever been in a hurry to get somewhere and found themselves stuck at a traffic light knows that waiting for it to turn from red to green can feel like an eternity. Audi wants to get rid of that feeling with new technology that lets drivers know exactly when that light will change. [More]