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Airlines Hopefully To Break Guitars Less Often As Rule About Instruments As Carry-Ons Goes Into Effect

A musician’s instrument is a precious thing, in both senses of the word: they can be both riotously expensive, and also deeply loved. Airlines, however, have a bad track record of treating instruments less well than they deserve, by losing or wrecking them. The obvious solution — keep it with you, on board, in the passenger cabin — hasn’t always met with a positive response from the airlines, but now it’s official: you are, indeed, allowed to keep your instrument with you so that the airline can’t break it. [More]


That’s The Horrible Sound Of My Vintage Guitar Jammed In Delta’s Service Elevator

Musician Dave Schneider of hockey-themed rock band The Zambonis and Hanukkah-themed band The LeeVees usually carries his guitar on when flying to a gig. You know, so baggage handlers don’t get their paws on it, he can keep an eye on it, and did I mention the part where he doesn’t trust baggage handlers with expensive musical instruments? [More]

United Breaks Guitars Song 3: The Grand Finale

United Breaks Guitars Song 3: The Grand Finale

The final leg of Dave Carrol’s anti-United Airlines musical trifecta is here. He’s not mad anymore. He’s got his big break and two new Taylor guitars. What about all the customers who write David every day with their own United horror stories? [More]

New Song Tonight From "United Breaks Guitars" Guy

New Song Tonight From "United Breaks Guitars" Guy

Tonight at 7:30 Eastern the third and final installment in the “United Breaks Guitars” music trilogy hits the streets in a live webcast release party. As you wait for that latest hot joint, relive the magic and catch up on the story of the country singer who watched in horror from their airplane as baggage handlers tossed around his Taylor guitar on the tarmac and broke it, by watching the first two videos: [More]

Sunwing Airlines Also Breaks Guitars – Then Replaces Them

Musician Dave Carroll told us that United breaks guitars, but did you know that other airlines break guitars, too? Oh yes!