Mike Matney

Twitter Resets Passwords Related To Possible Breach

Following reports that the passwords for nearly 33 million Twitter accounts were breached and put up for sale on the dark Web, the social media network has notified potentially affected users and reset their passwords.  [More]

Tom Raftery

Nearly 33 Million Twitter Passwords May Have Been Leaked

Days after Twitter said that it would investigate a rash of high-profile hackings by checking its data against what’s been shared in recent leaks related to MySpace, Tumblr, and other services, it appears that the passwords for almost 33 million Twitter users were part of a separate hack attack.  [More]

Tom Raftery

Twitter Looking Into Rash Of High-Profile Hackings

Days after the king of the modern internet — Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg — found several of his social media accounts in the hands of hackers, similar attacks have befallen the NFL and other high-profile Twitter accounts, leading the social network to investigate.  [More]

Morton Fox

Twitter Reportedly Met With Yahoo To Discuss Possible Merger

As Yahoo prepared to dissect a second round of bids for its core internet business — including search, mail, and news sites — the company might have another proposal to ponder: a merger with Twitter.  [More]


How To Finally Get Insurance To Approve A Wheelchair For A Kid: Go Viral On Twitter

Kids grow. This may not come as a surprise to most of us, who were ourselves children one, but health insurance companies are not necessarily prepared for this facet of reality. And where reality and bureaucracy can really come into hard conflict is when kids who need durable medical equipment might — gasp — outgrow the tech, which doesn’t grow at all.


Twitter Dissolves Commerce Team, Ceases Development Of “Buy” Buttons

Twitter Dissolves Commerce Team, Ceases Development Of “Buy” Buttons

For the past year or so companies have been working to streamline the buying process by cutting out the need to toggle between several pages to purchase a product. There’s one social network that’s decided dipping its toes into the world of e-commerce apparently isn’t worth it anymore: Twitter has shifted its focus away from the concept of a “buy” button.  [More]

Tom Raftery

It’s Official: Twitter Won’t Count Usernames & Photos Against 140-Character Limit

Twitter isn’t ready to ditch its long-standing 140-character limit, but it is officially ready to revamp what counts against that boundary. To that end, photos, usernames, quoted Tweets, and other attachments will no longer count against the pre-Tweet allotment. [More]

Tom Raftery

Report: Twitter Will No Longer Count Links, Photos Against 140-Character Limit

While Twitter isn’t ready to expand its 140-character limit anytime soon, the social media may be willing to exempt photos and URLs from that per-Tweet allotment. [More]

Tom Raftery

Court Rejects Twitter’s Transparency Lawsuit Against Justice Dept.

Twitter has hit a substantial roadblock in its nearly two-year legal battle against restrictions on what it can reveal to users about requests for data from federal law enforcement agencies. Yesterday, a U.S. District Court dismissed a substantial chunk of Twitter’s case, though the social media platform will be given an opportunity to try again. [More]


Comcast “Cares” On Twitter. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

If there is one lesson that large corporations really, really need to take to heart about the 21st century, it is this: unless you are universally beloved (and maybe even then), probably don’t self-promote with Twitter hashtags. It will not end well for you. And who would be the latest business to fall for this trap? It’s Comcast, the cable company America loves to hate.



NHTSA Shames Distracted Drivers With #JustDrive Twitter Hashtag

Distracted drivers aren’t just making phone calls or taking their eyes off the road to text. Many of them are going on Twitter while they should be concentrating on driving. Which is why the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is trying to shame them into putting their phones down. [More]

Even Anonymous Users Can Be Identified With Only Two Pieces Of Data From Social Media Apps


If you think you’re evading the constantly tracking eye of the Internet by using throw-away email addresses and obscure screen names to register your social media accounts and other apps, you’re probably wrong. A new study demonstrates how simple it can be to correctly identify someone using otherwise anonymous data. [More]

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Thursday Night Football Is Coming Live To A Twitter Near You This Fall

It’s no secret that the NFL has been looking for streaming partners for its Thursday night games. A month ago, the rumor mill said that Facebook was looking to be the victor on that field. But today the news has broken about what streaming service will be getting the games, and it’s not Facebook — nor is it Amazon, Netflix, or any big streaming suspect you might suspect. It’s Twitter. Yes, that Twitter.


Michael Daddino

Facebook, Reddit, Wells Fargo, Bank Of America CEOs Among Those Urging North Carolina To Repeal New Anti-LGBT Law

Earlier this month, in a hurried legislative process, North Carolina lawmakers passed HB2, a bill that overrides and prevents local governments from establishing anti-discrimination rules against gay and transgender people. This morning, advocacy groups delivered a letter to NC Gov. Pat McCrory signed by top executives from more than 100 companies, all calling for the state to repeal the law. [More]

Tom Raftery

Twitter CEO: 140-Character Limit Too Iconic To Expand

All our hopes and dreams of expressing ourselves with more than 140-character snippets on Twitter have been dashed: the social media company has decided not to give the message limit the boot.  [More]

(Alex Nolan)

Twitter Shutting Down TweetDeck For Windows App April 15

If you’re a fan of TweetDeck and you happen to use the Windows-based app, it’s time to start saying “goodbye.” Twitter announced today that it will end support for that particular service on April 15.  [More]

Tom Raftery

Twitter Has Turned On Algorithmic Timeline As Default View For All Users

If you like seeing Tweets on your timeline as they happen in real time, you’ll have to change your settings: after testing out an algorithmic timeline that shows users Tweets they might be interested in, the social media platform has quietly turned on that feature as the default option. [More]

(Adam Fagen)

Apple Will Now Offer Customer Support, Tips & Tricks On Twitter

Have a quick question for Apple? If you can keep it within 140 characters then you can skip the email or phone call and simply Tweet the tech company.  [More]