Tom Raftery

Twitter Sales Rumors Heat Up, But Is A Deal Around The Corner?

In the three days since reports began to surface that Twitter was looking to sell itself — possibly to Google or professional networking site Salesforce — rumors, ranging from a $16 billion list price to a sale happening right this minute, have heated up significantly.  [More]

Tom Raftery

Report: Twitter Looking To Sell Itself — Maybe To Google

Twitter might be a hugely popular social media platform, but for all its influence and reach, the company is not exactly minting money.  So it may not come as a surprise that Twitter is once again the subject of merger rumors. [More]

Tom Raftery

Twitter Now Lets Businesses Show When They Monitor Customer Service Tweets

The Twitter feeds of most big companies are littered with gripes from customers trying to get someone to resolve their problem. Thing is, some companies either don’t monitor their Twitter feeds for customer service complaints, or only only respond to these Tweets during certain times. A new Twitter feature is intended to let businesses be more transparent about if and when they handle customer service on the social media platform.

Tom Raftery

Twitter’s Expanded Character Count Coming Sept. 19

Your zany uncle’s Tweets are about to get a bit more long-winded, even with those photos, GIFs, and other add-ons. After announcing last spring that it would revamp the way it counts characters in Tweets, Twitter has reportedly put a date on when this change will kick in. [More]

Twitter Tweaks Direct Messages To Add Read Receipts, Typing Indicators

Twitter Tweaks Direct Messages To Add Read Receipts, Typing Indicators

In yet another example of the social media technology version of keeping up the with Joneses, Twitter announced today that it’s rolling out changes to Direct Messages that will make the platform a lot more like its competitors, including read receipts so you’ll know if your friend is deliberately ignoring you. [More]

Tom Raftery

Twitter Wants Your Videos So Much, It Will Let You Keep Most Of The Ad Money

Hey, have you heard about video? You might have missed it, what with literally every social media platform all but begging you to post more and watch more at all times, but video is the new hotness. And to get individuals to post more video to their platform, Twitter’s willing to split the ad take.


Tom Raftery

Twitter Might Let You Use Keyword Filters To Curb Online Harassment

For the last three years, Twitter has worked to improve the safety of users by creating and adapting its blocking policy and tools. Now, the social network is reportedly looking to create a tool that would allow users to search for certain words they find offensive and block those messages. [More]


Twitter Thinks You Might Like To Slap Brands’ “Promoted” Stickers All Over Your Photos

If you looked at the last Twitter you shared on Twitter and thought, “You know, I could really use some more corporate branding on here,” you’re in luck: the social media platform says its teaming up with companies to offer “Promoted #Stickers.” [More]

Tom Richardson

Twitter Awards $10K To Hacker Who Discovered Flaw In Vine

Source code essentially runs a program, be it a webpage or an app. So when that code is made available to the public, it not only opens the door to copycats, it gives competitors and hackers a look under the hood. Thankfully for Twitter, the person who found a security flaw that left the source code for its short-form video platform vulnerable didn’t have nefarious plans. And now he’s on the receiving end of $10,000.  [More]

Chris Rief aka Spodie Odie

Twitter To Live-Stream Some MLB, NHL Games

Want to take your favorite Major League Baseball or National Hockey League team with you wherever you go? Twitter is hoping to make that a reality by live-streaming select games soon.  [More]

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Has Hired A Chatbot To Take Online Orders Via Twitter, Facebook Messenger

If I had a pizza for every time I had a conversation about pizza, no one would see me again because I’d be buried under a pile of pizzas. To capture the essence of that experience, sans pizza burial, Pizza Hut is launching a chatbot that will allow customers to order food in a “conversational” way. [More]

Josh Bassett

How One Tweet May Have Caused Chipotle’s Stock To Sink

Over the past several months, Chipotle has worked to rebuild its reputation, sales, and stock figures after enduring several high-profile outbreaks of E. coli and norovirus. All of those efforts may have been undone, however, with one simple Tweet alleging that the burrito chain may be responsible for sending a New York City customer to the hospital. [More]

Twitter Debuting Stickers That Act Like Hashtags For Photos

Twitter Debuting Stickers That Act Like Hashtags For Photos

In a move to be more like the cool kids over at Snapchat, Twitter today unveiled a new library of stickers that can be added to photos, which can be searched like hashtags so you can make sure you’re doing social media right. [More]

Tom Raftery

Twitter Will Now Let Users Post Up To 140 Seconds Of Video

Twitter is upping its video game with a few announcements this week, including the news that all users can now post videos up to 140 seconds in length, up from 30 seconds. [More]

Twitter Improves Block Feature, Banishing Blocked Users From Seeing Timelines

Twitter Improves Block Feature, Banishing Blocked Users From Seeing Timelines

Nearly three years after Twitter changed its blocking policy to be a bit more stalker-friendly and almost immediately backtracked, the social network is making more changes, rolling out an improvement that aims to close a loophole that allowed blocked users from sneaking into your newsfeed through retweets.  [More]

Mike Matney

Twitter Resets Passwords Related To Possible Breach

Following reports that the passwords for nearly 33 million Twitter accounts were breached and put up for sale on the dark Web, the social media network has notified potentially affected users and reset their passwords.  [More]