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TV Networks Watch You Back With The Help Of Big Data

Adults between ages 18 and 49 are advertisers’ favorite demographic, but television networks have a huge problem. Every year, those adults watch less and less prime-time TV, and when they do it’s often on a DVR that lets them zip through the commercials or months later on an ad-free streaming service like Netflix. So without all those eyeballs to advertise to, how are TV networks able to stay on air? [More]

You Can Really Download The Not HotDog App From ‘Silicon Valley’

You Can Really Download The Not HotDog App From ‘Silicon Valley’

Have you ever sat down to a meal and asked yourself, “is this a hot dog?” In the only slightly fictionalized world of HBO’s Silicon Valley, a programmer receives funding to create a mobile app that identifies all types of food from an image, but instead develops one that identifies whether a food item is a hot dog or not. This app is real. [More]

Al Ibrahim

Discovery CEO: Cable TV Skinny Bundles Really Just “Overstuffed Turkeys”

A few years ago, the pay-TV industry started trying to placate customers fed up with paying for channels they don’t watch by introducing so-called “skinny bundles” — fewer channels for less money. But the CEO of one cable TV colossus says these TV packages are still too bloated. [More]

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Twitch Might Produce Interactive Streaming TV Programs

The appeal of Twitch is being able to watch someone play a game while simultaneously chatting with people about what you’re seeing. How could the site expand that concept? It’s thinking about producing TV-style programs that would change based on feedback from the audience. [More]


Report: 25% Of Americans Won’t Have A Traditional TV Subscription By 2018

TV viewers have been snipping the cord and freeing themselves from traditional TV subscriptions offered by satellite and cable companies for years, so it may come as no surprise that the flood of customers fleeing to streaming video shows no signs of easing. [More]

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17,000 AT&T Technicians Go On Strike Amid Contract Dispute

UPDATE: On Thursday morning, AT&T said that the walkout was over. [More]

Chinese Entertainment Company Won’t Be Buying Dick Clark Productions After All

Chinese Entertainment Company Won’t Be Buying Dick Clark Productions After All

Chinese entertainment giant Dalian Wanda will be keeping $1 billion in its pocket after a proposed deal to purchase Dick Clark productions fell through. [More]


Nintendo Switch Will Include Netflix, Hulu & Other Services…. Eventually

If you’re already bored playing the games on your new Nintendo Switch — and its awful tasting cartridges — there’s little else you can do with the gaming system…. at least for now.  [More]

Univision Blackout Ends For Charter Customers… For Now

Univision Blackout Ends For Charter Customers… For Now

A month after Univision first pulled its programming from Charter-Spectrum as the result of a contract dispute, the two sides have agreed to kiss and make up — for the time being, anyway — to prevent any further channel blackouts. [More]

Al Ibrahim

Don’t Want Your TV To Report Back Everything You Watch? Here’s How To Turn That Off

Vizio got busted early this week for spying on users and sharing their data without permission. But the key there is the “without permission” part, because pretty much all smart TVs are collecting and sharing some kind of data on you. And so many consumers are now asking: Can I make them stop? [More]

Charter’s Univision Blackout Ends With Court Ruling

Charter’s Univision Blackout Ends With Court Ruling

Charter-Spectrum customers now have access to TV networks owned by Univision, after a judge granted the cable company’s request for a temporary restraining order against the media company, effectively ending the blackout that started Tuesday night. [More]


Small Cable Companies, Indie Networks Ask FCC To Force Channel Unbundling

As cable packages have ballooned in both volume and price over the years, a growing segment of consumers has demanded options for unbundled, choose-your-own-channels cable. So far, those cries have gone largely unheard, except for a few streaming, internet-based options. However, it seems the à la carte option has a growing fan base clamoring to be heard: small cable companies themselves. [More]


Super Bowl Advertisers Spending Millions To Run Ads About Their Ads

Advertisers love the Super Bowl, since it’s one of the few times that huge numbers of people sit and watch the same thing in real time, while paying attention to the commercials. Some marketers want to increase the impact of their ads even more, by spending over $1 million promoting their Super Bowl commercials. They’re shelling out to advertise their ads. [More]

Al Ibrahim

Cable Company Can’t Reach Agreement With CBS, Tells Customers To Go Stream It Instead

There’s a contract dispute afoot in the Nutmeg State. Cable company Optimum has been unable to reach a retransmission agreement with the Hartford CBS affiliate, and as a result, thousands of Connecticut residents are left without access to the news and shows they’re paying for but can’t watch. It’s an irritatingly common story, but this time there’s a wrinkle: The cable company is still directing its customers to watch the network… they just want subscribers to do it online, instead. [More]

LG Unveils Super-Thin “Wallpaper” TV

LG Unveils Super-Thin “Wallpaper” TV

People have been mounting TVs on the wall for nearly two decades, but LG has thrown down the gauntlet to the competition with a super-thin flexible panel TV that the company says sits nearly flush with the wall. [More]


Amazon To Start Selling Actual FireTV TVs, Make Alexa Do More Things

CES — the annual Consumer Electronics Show — is about to light up Las Vegas for the rest of the week. So ’tis the season for tech news to come rolling on in from far and wide. Today’s big announcements come courtesy of Amazon, which wants to put its Fire interface and AI assistant Alexa basically everywhere. [More]

24+ Hours Of Thanksgiving Movies & TV You Can Stream Instead Of Talking To Your Family

24+ Hours Of Thanksgiving Movies & TV You Can Stream Instead Of Talking To Your Family

The turkey has been cleared, the pie has been devoured, and the dishes are done, man. And now, your father-in-law wants to talk politics. Your options include feigning a disaster in another room, straight up ignoring him, or faking a pressing bathroom break. Or, you could turn on a Thanksgiving-themed movie or TV show and have everyone gather ’round, shut up and watch it together. [More]


Live Sports May Be Next Big Thing For Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime members could soon be getting more bang for their buck when it comes to entertainment, as the e-commerce giant is rumored to be in talks with major sports leagues and television networks to offer live-streaming of sporting events.  [More]