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The Average Price Of Thanksgiving Dinner Predicted To Top $50 For The First Time Ever This Year

It’s only a week until Thanksgiving, which means you’re probably getting your shopping list ready for the big day of feasting. Prepare yourself for (slightly) higher prices than last year, as experts predict that the average Turkey Day dinner will cost more than $50 for the first time ever. [More]


Butterball Introducing Male Turkey Talk Line Operators For The First Time This Year

“How long do I cook it? “Where do I stuff the stuffing? Do I cook it inside the turkey?” “What is a turkey?” These are all questions a first-time turkey chef might have when the big day arrives. The holidays: when people who perhaps are unfamiliar with cooking wield basters and eye their fowl foes, when help is only a phone call away at the Butterball Turkey Talk help line. And this year, there could be male voices on the other end. [More]