Neff Conner

Are Shorter Work Days Better For Your Health & Productivity?

There are 120 hours in a 5-day workweek, and for most working Americans at least a third of that time is spent earning a living. Sure, you’ve got 16-ish hours away from the job each day, but is that enough time to enjoy all your personal, family, community, and social commitments without becoming a harried, frazzled unproductive mess? An ongoing study out of Sweden seems to indicate that a shorter work day may actually result in more productivity.


McDonald’s Expanding (Limited) All-Day Breakfast Test To Mississippi & Tennessee, Adding Biscuit Sandwiches

Last month McDonald’s told franchisees that it would begin expanding its limited all-day breakfast menu outside of the San Diego area, but shared few details about the plans other than it would include Nashville. Now, the fast food giant has let the cat out of the bag, revealing that the experiment won’t just be making its way to one city, but three – and adding new sandwiches. [More]

Saddam’s Fashion Savvy

Saddam’s Fashion Savvy