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United Will Buy Your Hot Plane Ticket In Advance, Then Sell It For Big Bucks

In response to its recent publicity crisis — spurred in part by the forcible removal of a ticketed passenger so an employee could take his seat — United Airlines has been trying to change how it handles overbooked flights, while still maintaining its bottomline. Now, United wants to pay travelers for their seats on popular flights — so it can turn around and sell that ticket to someone else for more money. [More]


Don’t Give Up Your Seat On A Flight Until You’ve Read The Airline Voucher’s Fine Print

You’re waiting at a crowded gate to board your flight, when suddenly, you hear it. “Flight XYZ is overbooked; do we have any volunteers willing to give up their seat in exchange for a travel voucher?” But before you volunteer yourself as tribute in the airline Hunger Games, make sure you understand exactly what kind of restrictions might come with that voucher. [More]

Bernal Saborio G. (berkuspic)

Man Pleads Guilty To Hacking United Airlines To Steal Travel Vouchers

Remember the guy who was accused of hacking into United Airlines system so he could steal a bunch of travel vouchers and then sell them for a profit? He’s just pleaded guilty. [More]

Adam Fagen

Man Accused Of Hacking United Airlines Website, Stealing Travel Vouchers

There are a few ways you can earn travel vouchers that let you fly on the cheap or for free, but slipping in the back door and stealing them could also earn you a trip to court. That’s the lesson playing out right now in Utah, where officials charged a man with a slew of crimes including theft after he allegedly hacked United Airlines and boosted unredeemed vouchers. [More]

Delta Erroneously Charged My Credit Card, Won't Give Me Refund

Delta Erroneously Charged My Credit Card, Won't Give Me Refund

John tried to use travel vouchers to pay for a flight, but the airline only accepted one of them and charged the rest to his credit card. Now he can’t get his money back no matter what he tries. [More]

Delta Won't Let Me Use The $55 Change On My Travel Voucher

Delta Won't Let Me Use The $55 Change On My Travel Voucher

Delta Airlines gave Treat a $400 voucher when it bumped him from a flight, but it turned out to be something of a trick. When he used $345 of that to buy another flight, Delta’s computer system wouldn’t let him access that final $55. [More]