Southwest Flies Plane Full Of Houston’s Homeless Animals To California Shelter

Dozens of animals stranded in Houston shelters following Hurricane Harvey are now awaiting new homes in San Diego after Southwest Airlines stepped in, flying an entire plane full of displaced animals and volunteers to their new city.  [More]


$164 Per Mile: Surprise Ambulance Bills Are A Growing Problem & Difficult To Avoid

We’ve already seen that unconscious patients can end up with huge medical bills when an ambulance takes them to a hospital that doesn’t accept their insurance. But even if you’re conscious enough to point the driver toward the right hospital, you could still be stuck owing hundreds, even thousands, of dollars because that ambulance ride isn’t covered by your insurance. [More]

Why Has My New Chevy Truck Been Sitting In A Toledo Rail Station For Two Months?

Why Has My New Chevy Truck Been Sitting In A Toledo Rail Station For Two Months?

Turn on your TV and you’ll be inundated with ads for local auto dealers touting the immediate availability of your brand new car. And for many car buyers, once they’ve picked the vehicle they want, it’s not too long before they’re on the road in their new wheels. Of course, if you’re buying something the dealer doesn’t have in stock, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer. But one Consumerist reader wants to know why his new truck has been sitting in an Ohio rail yard for nearly two months.  [More]

Halve Your Shipping Costs With Amtrak

Halve Your Shipping Costs With Amtrak

Express shipping from Amtrak is a cost-efficient way to ship packages between cities, sometimes costing half the price of UPS or FedEx.