Nicholas Eckhart

As Sears And Kmart Shrink, Amazon Grows

Earlier today, we shared the announcement that Amazon and Sears would be teaming up to sell Kenmore brand appliances, beginning with air conditioners. The retailers have more in common than you might think, though. [More]

Last Chance To Request $40 Digital TV Converter Box Coupons!

Last Chance To Request $40 Digital TV Converter Box Coupons!

Alright slowpokes, you have less than a week to finally request your digital TV converter box coupons. The Department of Commerce plans to hand out the last $40 coupons on July 31. You don’t need a converter box if you pay for TV or have a newer set, but if you’ve been wondering where your stories have been since June 12, request a coupon while they’re still available.