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Can You Be Arrested For Not Showing Your Driver’s License?

Imagine you and your friends are driving somewhere in two cars. Your friend in the other car gets pulled over for a minor traffic violation, so you pull over to wait. Then an officer comes to your door asking to see your license. If you refuse to produce the license because you’ve done nothing wrong, can you be arrested? Depends on which judge you ask. [More]


Calling In A Fake Taco Bell Robbery Is Not An Effective Way To Get Out Of A Traffic Stop

There are a number of ways people might attempt to get out of a traffic ticket: crying, apologizing profusely, or politely requesting a warning, just to name a few. But one thing you definitely should never do is call in a fake robbery at the local Taco Bell, because that will only end with more tickets and a felony arrest warrant. [More]

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Michigan Cops Playing Sneaky Santa Pull Over People To Give Them Gifts Instead Of Tickets

What’s the worst thing you can see in the rearview mirror? Police lights flashing as a cop tells you to pull over (that or an avalanche/tornado/mob of goblins chasing you). So for Michigan drivers who stopped for the long arm of the law realized they were getting a treat instead of a ticket from sneaky Santa police, Christmas came extra early. [More]

Maryland Judge Says It's OK To Record Traffic Stops

Maryland Judge Says It's OK To Record Traffic Stops

A Maryland motorcycle rider who recorded his confrontation with a traffic cop had the right to do so, a county judge ruled. [More]