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Did Home Depot Ignore Hack Warnings From Employees?

Did Home Depot Ignore Hack Warnings From Employees?

While the millions of us who shopped at Home Depot during the five months in which hackers were siphoning off customers’ credit/debit card data from in-store payment systems are keeping our eyes on our accounts and credit reports, former employees at the nation’s largest home improvement retailer claim they warned the company about the possibility of a breach years ago. [More]


4 Things Your Air Conditioner’s Installation Instructions Won’t Tell You

Anyone who’s ever lived in an apartment without the sublimely cool luxury of central air has likely tackled the seemingly insurmountable task of installing a window AC unit. It’s a stressful time, to say the least, unless you’re an expert. Because most of us aren’t, wouldn’t it be great if installation instructions were a lot more honest? [More]