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There’s Now A Card Version Of “The Oregon Trail”

Until just a few years ago — when The Internet Archive brought the game to most current browsers — the only way to relive your virtually Typhoid-filled childhood traversing The Oregon Trail was to hook up that ancient computer still stored in your parent’s basement. Now, you don’t even need a computer, or any electronic device, as there’s a tabletop game. [More]

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“Space Invaders,” “Oregon Trail,” & “Legend Of Zelda” Inducted Into Video Game Hall Of Fame

There are some video games you don’t have to explain to anyone, even if they were born way after those games first delighted fans. Among those are this year’s inductees into the Video Game Hall of Fame that were chosen from 15 finalists and make up the second group of games to join the list. If you’ve ever traveled digitally to Oregon or went on quests with Link, you’ll know which games we’re talking about. [More]

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The Oregon Trail Lives Again In Browsers As The Internet Archive Adds 2,400 MS-DOS Games

You’ve been missing it for so long, you didn’t even know it until now, when the sweet feelings of relief are about to wash over you: You can play The Oregon Trail again in most Internet browsers, no MS-DOS needed, thanks to its addition along with around 2,400 titles to The Internet Archive this week. [More]

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Here Lies Sillypants McFartybottom: How The Oregon Trail Became The Best Part Of Learning

Bring up The Oregon Trail with anyone who had computers in school that were nowhere near flat screens and everyone will have an opinion on whether to ford a river or pay for the ferry, how much to spend on supplies, and what to name your fictional kids so as to create the funniest tombstone when he or she inevitably dies of dysentery. All in the name of education, of course. [More]